A series of media workshops with 11 year olds at Ohlone Elementary School, in Watsonville CA. The workshops concluded with the students creating a series of animations and audio recordings about Superman dying.

The animation above is connected to a story of Superman moving to Mars and getting deported by the immigration authorities. Upon returning to earth Superman dies, and then his ghost goes to the big box store Target to purchase another Superman outfit. With his new outfit he flys back to Mars, this time successfully making a home on the new planet.

The area surround the school, is known for its Mexican immigrant community that have come to live and work at farm labour camps. ICE rades and deportation are relatively common.

The workshops involved building zoetropes, zoetrope animations, workbooks to explore their daily lives, and the production of a live action video where they performed their stories.

Website of Superman animations and stories.

To listen to all the stories visit the project webpage, The Great Adventures of Superman.