2010 - 11

An oral history archive about the Bookmobile (Santa Cruz Public Library Outreach Services). A website, a library study room, and a video installation on the Bookmobile. This was part of the Circulation of Knowledge Archive project.

Archival image of the Bookmobile

Archival image of "Bookmobile" van with young patrons.

Outreach Services' mission is to serve the numerous disenfranchised communities, such as farm labour camps, low income neighborhoods, the county jails, senior living facilities, and home bound seniors to name just a few. By interviewing a wide range of Bookmobile patrons and retired staff some fascinating cross generational connections became clear. For instance, one of Cathrine Steele's earlest patrons was young girl named Veronica who grew up at a nearby farming community. Now an adult, Veronica is a community organizer in a low income neighborhood called the beach flats, where she organizes an after school academic club and works closely with the current Bookmobile staff to provide library services to her after school club and other local residents in the neighborhood. Also connecting the Task Force Report, Veronica spoke out to protect the Bookmobile from budget cuts during an earlier series of public hearings.

Library study room installation.

Bookmobile at exhibition.

Retired Bookmobile director Catherine Steel and Bookmobile driver Eric on board the Bookmobile.

Video monitors playing interviews installed in the Bookmobile.