A series of performative walking tours, an exhibition, and an online publication exploring the local knowledge and stories of Hoxton Street residents. Commissioned by PEER participate, and developed in partnership with Access All Areas. Access All Areas works with local residents with severe learning disabilities.

Access All Areas workshop group and performers at PEER.

Video installation of performances filmed in the neighborhood. Exhibition at PEER.

Objects and their corresponding stories from local residents. Exhibition at PEER.

Exhibition at PEER.

Exhibition at PEER.

Mark, Hoxton Street florist, tells the audience a story from his childhood. Walking Tour.

Workshop walk learning about local history.

Performers interpreting the history of lunatic asylums on Hoxton Street. And how many of the AAA performers would have been locked up had they been born then. Walking Tour.

Performers interpreting WW2 bomb site on Hoxton Street. Walking Tour.

Online publication