In the summer of 2009 I worked as a door to door salesman. I sold canned creativity, canned something , and canned nothing for $5-10 a can. The market for nothing was going crazy at the time, so supply was limited.

At one house a young girl used her weekly allowance on a can of nothing. Her father told her to spend her money on "something" rather then "nothing" but she insisted on spending her money on nothing.

An old man invited me to join him and his wife for a cup of tea. We sat around their kitchen table, discussing the character of their neighbors. After some discussion with his wife, they decide to buy a can of creativity, a can of something, and a can of nothing. After purchasing the cans they handed me the can of nothing they has just bought with instructions to walk down to the corner of the road. At the corner of the road I would find a large tree. I was told to climb the tree as high as I could and set the can of nothing on one of the tree branches, making use it was visible from the road. I carefully follow the instructions.

A banker I met who happened to be walking his dog invested in research and development.