2007 - 08

An experiment in group curiosity, the Curious Mob emerged out of the desire to demystify the neighborhood by soliciting interviews and conversations with our neighbors. The conversations were open to any topic, but usually ended up being about the person's life and interests.

During the first Curious Mob event we ending up learning about the history and origin of martial arts weapons in early Japanese farming, from some IT guys. We also learned about small sail boats from a small boat dealer named Tom. We talked with Tom for quite a while, learning his whole life story. How he had a stress filled career in technology for almost twenty years until he eventually left his job to pursue his passion for sailing. One of the high points was maybe 45 minutes into the conversation when my friend Blake mentioned his grandmother was into sailing. Blake's grandmother had died a few months earlier, it turned out that Tom knew Blake's grandmother, was good friends with her, and even attended her memorial. So not only had Blake and Tom been standing side by side at the memorial just a few months earlier but they had been working neighbors for almost two an half years, and neither one of them knew about the other.